Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Top 5 Changes to Facebook

If you are a Facebook user you may have noticed the many different changes to Facebook lately. Everything looks different, works different, and feels different. But guess what? So what are the five recent, biggest changes to Facebook?

1. Your news feed has changed.

If you are one of those Facebook fanatics who checks Facebook every hour or so you are going to see more recent stories from your friends right in your news feed. You check Facebook more often so Facebook will reward you with more status updates for you to read right in your news feed.

However, if you only check Facebook one or two times a day you are only going to see the "headlines" in your news feed showing you the most important updates from your friends. Since you do not use Facebook as often, you won't have your news feed clogged with the less important status updates. That is what the next item regarding changes to Facebook is for.

2. The all new News Ticker

You have probably already noticed this little guy in the top right hand corner of Facebook. So what is it exactly? Similar to twitter, the ticker is constantly updating with the less important status updates of your friends, like "Bert and Ashley became friends" and things of that nature. These will be the little updates that you really don't want clogging up your main feed but if you want to glance at them they will be right there in your ticker.

3. Subscribe / Unsubscribe to users (without defriending them)

If you are tired of seeing updates from certain people but don't really want to defriend them completely, you can unsubscribe to them. This means you will not be notified of their status updates but you can still check their profile page whenever you want. Similarly, if you like posts from certain other people you can subscribe to them and you will see more of their posts. This is one of the best changes to Facebook in my opinion.

4. Mark posts as important or unimportant (i.e. make top story) 

Facebook puts the stories that it thinks you will like most at the top of your news feed, your "top stories". Now there is a little triangle button in the top left corner of each story that you can click to make it a top story or remove it as one. Doing this will allow Facebook to better understand what kinds of stories you are most interested and it will display those first.

5. The controversial Timeline

Maybe one of the biggest changes to Facebook ever and almost certainly the most controversial is the new Facebook Timeline. Facebook will convert your profile into a digital timeline of your entire life, sort of like a digital scrap book of your life since you joined Facebook. The word is that once implemented, you will have just a few days to shape up your Timeline the way you want it to appear to everyone else and then it will become a permanent timeline of your life and you will be unable to edit it from then on. Why is this so controversial? Well, aside from the fact that the appearance of your profile page will look and work completely differently (this is usually enough to ruffle many people's feathers), many people do not like the idea of not being able to edit or remove things that other people can see from your past if you want to. After the grace period, your Facebook Timeline will be set in stone whether it be pretty or ugly.

And there you have it, the five biggest changes to Facebook.

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