Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cool Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook has emerged as the coolest social networking website. People from all across the world make use of it to find their lost friends, check out others' profiles, attract others and chat with friends. The new timeline feature is one of the most remarkable features of this website. Its most amazing part is the cover photos or the Facebook banner.

The cover is placed at the top of your timeline and allows you to express yourself creatively. You can set a personalized photo here and attract others through the attraction of the photo itself. Selecting cool Facebook cover photos is the best way to perk up the beauty of your profile and express your personality. By choosing the right photo you can tell others about your hobbies, likes, dislikes and much more about yourself. This is why you should spend enough time picking out the best photo for your cover.

As the cover photo is a large banner, people notice it instantly. They will make their opinions about you just by looking at your cover photo. Other than individuals, businesses can also use this feature to market their services and products in an effective manner. This feature is simple to use. You can upload the banner by following some simple steps. If you find it hard to choose cool Facebook cover photos on your own you can explore the internet.

There are a number of websites that offer photos for your banner. As the timeline feature does not allow you to resize or crop images, you should select photos that are of the right size or you can find readymade Facebook covers. You will be able to explore a number of options that are suitable for different moods, seasons and other themes. In case you want to use your Facebook account for your business, you can also incorporate your business logo in the cover. It will help your profile to look like an official website. This way you can shoot up your business' exposure and market.

Remember that using cool Facebook cover photos are the key to make the best of this great feature. You can easily change, edit or delete your covers, which mean that you can upload new photos anytime you want. As there are a number of websites that offers cool Facebook cover photos, you need not worry. Most of these pictures are free to download, but if you want a customized photo for your business, you can also hire a designer.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best FB Satus Updates - How to Strive more fans to your page?

Everyone who uses Facebook as a part of their online marketing strategy wants to know the secret behind getting more engagement from their fans. The more interaction you have through social media, the better it is for your business. You will get more customers, more fans and more sales and positive reviews.

If you have been having little success with Facebook, it is time to revamp your techniques. If you want to boost fan engagement and earn more fans for your business, here are four ways to make that happen:

Visual Posts See the Most Action

With Facebook posts, the ones that capture the attention first see the most interaction. That includes both videos and photos. These types of visually stimulating posts can have five times the engagement rates than plain text status updates.

A photo or video will not take your fans off of Facebook so they are more likely to click to watch your video or leave a comment.

Ask Engaging Questions

People love to give their opinion and the fastest way that you can get it is to ask a them. You have to do a little experimenting to see what types of questions will work the best and what doesn't do you any real good.

Your status update is not the place to indulge in a lengthy philosophical debate. Fans want to get in, answer and get out. Only a select few will hover around your post to see if anyone responds to their comments. You can even choose to use the Facebook Question app to send out a quick poll to your fans.

Invite Fans to Share

Fans want to know that you take an interest in them. Invite them to share links in the comment section. This can help them drive more traffic to their websites and introduce fans to more sites. They can share photos, fan pages, Twitter handles, blog posts, etc.

Let fans know up front what is acceptable and what is off limits on your page. Letting your fans share with you and fellow fans will help create a stronger bond throughout your social media community.

Include a Clear Call to Action

If you want your fans to take a specific action, you need to tell them. Whether it's to like your post, subscribe to your newsletter or buy your book, let them know. Then, you need to make sure you give them an easy way to follow through on that call to action. If they have to visit another site to complete the action, include a link to it in your post. You can also install a Facebook app that makes it simple for them to sign up for your newsletter right from your fan page.

Facebook is a fast-paced social network where you have to act quickly to get the engagement of your fans. You need to have good, solid status updates if you want to get more interaction with your community.

You want your page to be the place people go for more information about your topic, and from their your website. In order to make that happen, you need to provide real value, keep them entertained and solve problems.

What have you done to generate more fan engagement on your Facebook page? Do your fans like to get involved and take part in your online community? Share with us!

Dawn Pigoni of Be Social Worldwide is a certified social marketing specialist and a social media virtual assistant. Dawn offers superb social networking, social marketing and social bookmarking to WAHMs, Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Coaches who desire to bring stunning internet presence through social networking to their businesses. Get Dawn's free report, Social Networking today & see how she can assist you with being Social Worldwide!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Facebook Covers - Great Ideas and Designs for Personalized Profile

One of the new features with Facebook Timeline is the new Facebook covers. You can use one of your photos as your cover, but it makes a lot more sense to install a customized cover to your Facebook page! It will certainly be interesting to see how people customize their pages with all of the new features, but you'll want to make sure you have a great looking cover when people visit your Facebook profile.

Here are some great ideas for designs you can post for your timeline.

Seasonal Covers

Christmas is the most famous season of them all, but you can get covers for your profile that will work for any time of year. When the New Year is here, you can get covers for the New Year. Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians, and Easter designs are a nice way to evangelize your faith without getting in anyone's face about it. During the summer, you can use patriotic designs for Memorial Day and Independence Day. For those people that love the summer, you could display a cover of the beach on your Facebook profile. There are designs for virtually every season of the year.

Christian Facebook Covers
Is your faith important to you? You could browse Christian covers with a Scripture reference. Facebook covers with a photo of Jesus are always nice, and there are even covers for Catholic Christians as well as Protestant believers. For the Christmas holiday, you could even browse Christmas designs with Scripture references. Christian profile covers are definitely going to be popular among the Christian community.

Special Interest Covers

Do you love hunting and fishing? I'm sure you can find designs for people who love to hunt and fish. Do you love Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber is one of the most popular musicians today, so I'm sure you'll find photography for Justin Bieber. If you are a big NASCAR fan or have a favorite driver, you might want to see Tony Stewart or Dale Earnhardt Jr. on your Facebook profile page.

Most people like cats and dogs. If you want to advertise your love for animals, then maybe you should have a cover with photos of dogs! Almost everyone can relate to food! Facebook covers with food always work well together.

Special Causes

If you are passionate about politics, then the format is a great opportunity to promote the causes which are important to you. You might have a church event coming up that you want to promote. Temporary covers would work great for your profile.

These are just a few of the ideas of designs you could upload on your profile today! At the time of this writing, business Facebook pages don't have covers, but it is likely that businesses will be able to have their own Facebook covers in the near future. Don't be the last one to upload covers to your profile!

Get Facebook covers for all of your interests!

See where you can download Facebook designs for your profile!

Some Images from the Web:

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Buying Facebook Likes? - A Guide

Facebook has been a website that has utterly changed and reshaped the landscape and background of social networking and internet utilization as we know it today. Through this revolutionary change, there have been more and more businesses that have turned to Facebook for marketing purposes as well as a solid foundation of providing increased consumer bases too. Therefore, any business in this realm of business should buy Facebook likes for marketing success when using the site.

Nowadays, numerous companies of all types demand to to have Facebook fan pages, where customers or potential customers can connect with them and become a part of their online community. Successful marketing can occur on Facebook when one creates a public profile page, a specific and attractive one as possible which must include information about business and the varieties and types of products and services that are being offered.

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People must be lured to your fan page and when gathering a huge number of fans or friends, the number of likes increases too, so a kind of hype aura lingers on the page. If a business profile pages has an unbelievable high number of likes it is most likely that it can be favoured by Facebook itself. The profile pages that have the largest number of likes and friends base are frequently recognized as being the most legitimate, successful and trustful from many points of view.

Generally speaking, Facebook users click like to show interest, appreciation, appraisal or reverence for a certain subject, post, various. If this manoeuvre takes place, others users will click like by default.

Facebook fans are prospective clients for an ongoing business. All of the likes that are added to ones page are real, active Facebook users but not bots or spam users.

When the profile page is capable of attracting more publicity through Facebook, the website itself will frequently get more hits and the traffic will go sky high. The more a website has traffic and is visited by consumers, the greater the sales numbers have a propensity to increase which makes overall for an incredibly popular sales tool across the internet. A company that is capable to buy Facebook likes is also in turn increasing its popularity, viability and validity of the business.

SEO marketing is an extremely competitive business due to the fact that everyone wants to be the first on top. To make this happen it is not too difficult as long as you are willing to Buy Facebook Likes.

If you want your business to guarantee you a following you must Buy Facebook Likes and build up a fan base. This fact is because this site being so vast, it is very difficult to make your page standout from others, so when likes are bought this will definitely allow for a given number of likes. The more fans, the more comments and this in turn means more clicks that will be received on the profile page. Friends of fans are also important because if people are interested in a certain product there are chances that these users may have friends interested in the same products.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post Funny Facebook Status and Quotes

Two years ago, the Facebook status was nothing more than a novelty on a growing social network called Facebook. Now, the importance of having a funny Facebook status is such that large companies are employing people with marketing savvy and expertise to write their promotional messages and paste them into their Facebook status updates. How did this come about?

Writingbest facebook statuses and quotes for facebook status is a relatively old game. You may imperatively deem it crucial to tell all your close and dear friends about just how the hangover from last night’s party is progressing. Or, if your spirit still allows, you may decide to give them a few more minor hints about what you contemplate for the dinner tonight. But, should you utterly be bored with your drabbing old statuses on Facebook, some fresh best facebook statuses and quotes for facebook status can offer a way to re-inspire yourself.

The Facebook status - some history

Facebook used to serve the purpose of a social network between University students. Famously, Harvard University was the first to have access to the network, and it soon grew to encompass all of the major campuses in the USA and globally. One of the novelties of each person's Facebook profile page was their 'status message'. Its format was simple:

Danny is XXXXX

Where 'XXXXX' means exactly what that user decided to say about themselves.
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All of the Facebook statuses were therefore in the third person, and they produced a quite boring range of response. 'Danny is eating pizza'. 'Danny is watching a movie'. This formatting gave users a dilemma. It was not flexible enough for them to enter the types of information which they wanted to share with their colleagues and friends, and so usage of this function was relatively low.

At the same time as Facebook received a global rise to prominence, another social network was becoming more and more popular. Twitter billed itself as a 'micro-blogging' platform, and was in effect a company built around a similar form of status updates. The difference, however, was flexibility. Twitter users were not forced to use the third-person to describe their thoughts or feelings, in fact they just had an empty box in which they could write whatever they desired.

The concept was simple, but the service exploded in popularity. Twitter suddenly had the world talking, and the Facebook status appeared to be dying away.

By this time, Facebook had become the world's largest social network. They could not help but notice Twitter's rise in terms of global branding, and they needed to adapt. This happened with a clear move by the developers to strike at the core market of Twitter. Facebook redesigned their 'home feed' page - the page that users see when they log in - and included a huge amount of prominence to status updates. Also, they had removed the need for users to use their own name in their updates, and thus removed the 'third person' restriction.

The results were staggering. Facebook's page views experienced an increase such that Twitter had experienced just months before. Users were becoming interested in what people were doing 'real time' - users noticed that Facebook had also put more of an emphasis on posting its users' statuses as fast as possible into their friends' home feeds, meaning a comment which they made could be discussed almost instantly, a la Twitter.

The other prong to the Facebook attack was to add a 'like' button to all items on the Home Feed. This added the 'user vote' system, which meant that statuses which had more 'likes' were displayed on more users' pages. This again meant that the importance of having a funny or amusing Facebook status was paramount - if you could get users to click on that button you were confirming yourself as a trusted and influential user of the system, and for marketers, this is extremely important.

If you log in to Facebook today, you will notice that a far greater number of people are using status updates. There are newer functions coming out which will further enhance this system, such as 'fri
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Background Layouts For Facebook - Set Yourself Apart From The Rest

They have been in existence for about fourteen years so far and from all appearances they will be around for many years to come. The competition is trying to take some of the market, however, whether it is due to longevity of personal appeal, Facebook is way ahead and growing with over 350 million members and growing. Facebook graphics are simple, yet effective enough to draw and keep visitors coming back for more. Facebook backgrounds have remained relatively the same since their inception and for all appearances they have no intention of making any drastic changes in the near future. 

Even though the average user is content with the background layouts for Facebook, many have their own ideas as to what their personal presence on the Internet should be, and constantly search for new ways to improve their own Facebook profile layouts. It is not that they don't like what Facebook has done, it is more of a situation where they would like to add their own personal appeal to the backgrounds that they have to work with. History tells us that human beings like to present themselves as unique and original as possible. Now with the development of a few cool apps there are many options to personalize your Facebook profile and pages. 

 So how can we change those Facebook profile layouts so that we can stand out from the rest? That is easily accomplished with the adding of graphics to your page. When choosing your new profile, you should consider something that is not too loud and boastful, unless of course that is your personality. There are a couple good background and layout apps to choose from, you simply need to know where to look. Finding a good free app is probably the direction you should be looking towards, especially if cost is a factor to you.  

After deciding which company to go with to secure your free Facebook layouts and you have browsed their selections, it is time to go forward with your chosen design. With your new and improved Facebook profile appearance, you are now ready to boast to your friends and family by inviting them to have a look. At this point in time, there is a good chance that you will be bombarded by friends and family alike, as to just how they can get their own free Facebook layouts and shine as you know you will be. Although the average user is satisfied with the background layouts for their facebook profile, many have their own ideas in regards to what their individual presence on the net should look like. Here is the No.1 source for free Facebook background layouts and custom Facebook pages on the net! You can check it out here. 
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Top 5 Changes to Facebook

If you are a Facebook user you may have noticed the many different changes to Facebook lately. Everything looks different, works different, and feels different. But guess what? So what are the five recent, biggest changes to Facebook?

1. Your news feed has changed.

If you are one of those Facebook fanatics who checks Facebook every hour or so you are going to see more recent stories from your friends right in your news feed. You check Facebook more often so Facebook will reward you with more status updates for you to read right in your news feed.

However, if you only check Facebook one or two times a day you are only going to see the "headlines" in your news feed showing you the most important updates from your friends. Since you do not use Facebook as often, you won't have your news feed clogged with the less important status updates. That is what the next item regarding changes to Facebook is for.

2. The all new News Ticker

You have probably already noticed this little guy in the top right hand corner of Facebook. So what is it exactly? Similar to twitter, the ticker is constantly updating with the less important status updates of your friends, like "Bert and Ashley became friends" and things of that nature. These will be the little updates that you really don't want clogging up your main feed but if you want to glance at them they will be right there in your ticker.

3. Subscribe / Unsubscribe to users (without defriending them)

If you are tired of seeing updates from certain people but don't really want to defriend them completely, you can unsubscribe to them. This means you will not be notified of their status updates but you can still check their profile page whenever you want. Similarly, if you like posts from certain other people you can subscribe to them and you will see more of their posts. This is one of the best changes to Facebook in my opinion.

4. Mark posts as important or unimportant (i.e. make top story) 

Facebook puts the stories that it thinks you will like most at the top of your news feed, your "top stories". Now there is a little triangle button in the top left corner of each story that you can click to make it a top story or remove it as one. Doing this will allow Facebook to better understand what kinds of stories you are most interested and it will display those first.

5. The controversial Timeline

Maybe one of the biggest changes to Facebook ever and almost certainly the most controversial is the new Facebook Timeline. Facebook will convert your profile into a digital timeline of your entire life, sort of like a digital scrap book of your life since you joined Facebook. The word is that once implemented, you will have just a few days to shape up your Timeline the way you want it to appear to everyone else and then it will become a permanent timeline of your life and you will be unable to edit it from then on. Why is this so controversial? Well, aside from the fact that the appearance of your profile page will look and work completely differently (this is usually enough to ruffle many people's feathers), many people do not like the idea of not being able to edit or remove things that other people can see from your past if you want to. After the grace period, your Facebook Timeline will be set in stone whether it be pretty or ugly.

And there you have it, the five biggest changes to Facebook.

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Facebook's New Fan Page Timeline Changes

If you have a Fan Page on Facebook you will probably be aware that the new Timeline changes have started to be rolled out. I am currently getting to grips with the changes and will do a video on it early next week.

It is true that Facebook have taken away the option to set a default landing page so all new non fans will land on the Timeline, however, if you run Facebook advertising it appears that you can still run ads and send people to your chosen landing pages with that all important Fan Gate and Email Opt In that you may have set up.

So in order for you to encourage new 'Likes' as well as show new fans your products, Facebook has made it harder from an organic point of view in favour of a more paid option, to their benefit of course. Sneaky Little Facebook. You can still 'Link' to your landing pages and post them into your fans newsfeeds to encourage those import sign ups and product views, however getting people to click on the link to see your stuff will never be as good as it being visible as soon as they land on your page is it?

One good change that will benefit businesses is the new style of advertising placement that Facebook will roll out soon, at the moment adverts are down the right side which often blur into the background while you are concentrating on reading posts.

The new system will have adverts placed directly into people's newsfeeds between posts which means they will be in front of people's eyes more. This will no doubt annoy most of Facebook's users at the beginning but they will eventually get used to it. Be warned, it is possible for users to remove adverts that they don't like seeing. This option I believe will stay so if your advert annoys a lot of people they may hide it.

Back to the new page layout.

The new Timeline layout gives the page more of a website feel which fills the screen up better.

You have a great opportunity of creating a larger header image called the 'Cover Image' but strict rules apply, unlike the side graphics we have been using that points to the 'Like' button encouraging new fans to 'Like' our page or sign up for newsletters etc., none of this is allowed on the new cover. Nor are you allowed to place offers or coupon style graphics in the Cover Image,

Why? Are these not pages set up for businesses? Is it not the nature of business to promote, encourage and create customers and clients? Would more customers and clients in the Facebook platform encourage more businesses to spend more money and time within Facebook itself?

Surely then it does not benefit Facebook to make these business page Cover Images less business like. However as they say rules are rules and Facebook have set them. They must have some reasoning behind it. Usually an odd one at that, a bit like their photo rules, did you know that it is ok to post images of serious injuries such as a crushed arm or even a head but you cannot post pictures of proud mothers doing what nature intended and breastfeeding their own babies! Crazy I say however I digress.

Just below the new 'Cover Image' you will find the new home for your tabs and apps, these can be edited and moved about apart from the photos which looks to be static in position and the first one of the tabs. The great thing about these tabs is that they are larger than before and may be spotted easier creating potentially more curiosity and click through.

One interesting new development for the new business page is the ability for your fans to send you a direct message; unfortunately you cannot send a message out to a fan until they have been in contact first. Maybe Facebook were worried the system would be abused with spamming messages being sent left, right and centre.

Which is a shame as this could have led to a possible new form of email marketing similar to what people were trying to do with the message system in the Group set up on Facebook. I did receive a few but it soon stopped, I guess it didn't work in the Group system but for pages, that could be a different matter.

Still let's look at the positives here, a fan can send you a message which if you decide to reply can open up good personal dialogue with your potential new customer. There could be a downside though, imagine having a page with several thousand fans and many of them decided not to ask questions via the wall but instead went down the message route. You could have loads of messages to go through.

If people think they need to ask what may be deemed a stupid question or if they fear being ridiculed they may not ask in a public form like on the wall but if they know their question will only be seen by you they may ask in the private message. It is possible that you may get plenty of pointless messages to trawl through.

I do think that once we have got over the initial shock of the new page layout we will grow to love them and they may be a greater asset than the old style. Only time will tell.

To keep up to date with new social Media changes and tips visit Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6913878
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Facebook Likes

Fb Fans established as a key an excellent demand for a high quality of blowers on Facebook by company firms promotion and promotion their own web pages. This was difficult without using the presence of Fb Fans. Up until Fb Followers on on sale on the market, getting Fb followers became a difficult operation. But anyone can smoothly buy Facebook fans.

Summary for earning incidence about that extra edge tool Facebook Fans:

It really is difficult to run a enterprise without making your existence in the market. Hence, allocating funds to recognition of brand name inside the target audience is mandatory for the amount of the business. The number of people neglect? Without realizing that these were really only a stride to attain this desire for making their existence, it is a fact that we all by time make the hurt occurred may need dumped good distance.

Hence, buy Facebook Fans now.

Appropriately said by our friends on-line, most clever strategy to marketing is Face-book. Although, having your incidence doesn't draw individuals on-line the world over. Just allow that excess shove and make your presence by means of Fb Fans, that will comes for a incredibly competitive worth and no hassles of you being resting around with your number of staff roughly his students to do the presence on the web by way of analysing and study and spend wages in vast.

Buy Facebook Fans: Technique is to take a position hardly any revenue advertising your acquisitions using Face-book Fans.  

 The professionals at Fb Followers will do area of launching you into the target purchasers who ll become Fans and when these acknowledge you web-based as their favourite they will promote your treatment for their acquaintances online along with the strings follows.

Do you know what without spending flying solo Investigation and Formation group you can Buy Facebook Fans along with the experts who use valuable platforms to work out ways and recognize the people who will will be fascinated by our services and products free. We simply need to put up the sales promotions at the web pages of those interested people. This fashion, we can get more blowers to our Facebook com web page in a single miraculous period.

Few Enlightenments:

Go at a few customary pin elements before your make a decision and i'm certain an individual cannot regret while doing one choice to ?Buy Facebook Fans?.

However, the number may not be very high but steady. Each day basis we are going to have new associates and ventilators and through days, classes and weeks we are going to be well-liked among all our buddies and followers.

Superb piece is usually that we will not only invite our blowers and buddies but will diversify with their friends and blowers that have been linked to them. This way the costs made on Face-book Followers help become scaled-down when compared to the vast subsequent we acquire for any company.

We'd boost an issue of the reasons lower number, this can be in order to avoid any instantaneous suspension against any user curious the fact of large request. We are all aware slow and good obtains the race could best match this instance.

Let me be understandable, it s not very wholly consent after an invitation is shipped.
Source: http://technology.ezinemark.com/more-facebook-likes-32286fd735a.html

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facebook Smiley and Emotion Code Examples - Make Fun of your Friends

Some Smiley or Emotion Examples:

● ◕ ✿ ❀ ☆ ✮ ✯ ☀ ☮ ☯ ◭

Just as the Myspace web page has become element of your life, so have the Myspace discussion emoticons (you know, the little signs you see in interactions all over the Internet!). Now the biggest and most used public media web page, it is secure to say that these emoticons will be more used and acknowledged that those emoticons discovered elsewhere on the Online even such as heavyweights such as Skype and Yahoo! Messenger.

Even though many resources like MSN, Google and Skype involve plenty of additional choices for their discussion applications, Myspace, like their web page, have kept their discussion application primary and clear on objective. The capabilities are not what Myspace Talk is about. In fact it is just for chatting! While substitute resources put plenty of focus on their additional services and characteristics like signs, smileys and emoticons, They are available however and can be discovered by using invisible quick way secrets to make various emoticon signs on the discussion person interface.

Like emoticons and smileys are a fundamental element of the buyer for the discussion application and are here to stay. They are as important to Myspace discussion as they ever have been for any identical device and the wide-spread use of emoticons, smileys and signs in common on discussion boards and weblogs just goes to demonstrate their strength is real.

Facebook provides all of the conventional emoticons that have been around for years for example the unique happy encounter -:-) - or the winking encounter -;-) but the company have also included their own editions of things and encounters with their own set of quick way key pad secrets. Customers of the emoticons on Myspace have mostly decided that the laptop key pad techniques use signs and character types that are simpler to consider than identical emoticons on other sites and discussion application, for example to sketch a horse indicates simply including the series of:

More and more emoticons and signs are being integrated over time as their reputation has increased and Myspace have mentioned that assistance for all smileys, emoticons and signs will be ongoing at some point of Myspace discussion which is best element about it for all that use it.

Some Examples: 

List of all default Facebook emoticon codes for chat.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Facebook Layouts - How to Change Facebook Theme?

With all the talk on facebook and comments I have seen on the world wide web, I thought I would write this article regarding changing your facebook themes.

The latest Facebook layout update has induced alot of unfavorable comments from people who dont like the layouts. If you are one of the people who did not like the new Layout, A new application out now called Pagerage accommodates the dilemma to change the feel and look of your facebook pages with loads of awesome facebook layouts.

To transform your facebook pages,add the PageRage application to your profile and then choose from hundreds of themes the layout that you fancy. The only catch is you have to install Yontoo layers,its la technology that lets you to customize the feel look of any webpage. 

Yontoo presently supports only mozilla Firefox and I/E.

PageRage is the first web application that allows Facebook users to place graphic layouts on top of their profile.

This artwork layout is virtually placed on top of your Facebook page and can be altered at any time. The software is all incorporated within the web browser and has no effect on the fundamental page. No CSS coding or HTML  insight is needed. Just install Yontoo Layers into your browser and in just seconds you will have access to loads of graphic styles and themes to pick from. 

PageRage offers a variety of different colors,styles and themes. Show off to your friends a variety of music, movie,  emo and dark themes, sports, or tropical layouts. Get political or show your support of your one of your favorite causes, as I said before there is no copying and pasting of any code. As soon as the plug-in is installed, choose a layout and the software will load the artwork for you. The installation process takes less than a minute and works with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Articles Source: http://education.ezinemark.com/facebook-layouts-1684a7136ce.html

Some Examples:

New facebook templates, Layouts

New Layout facebook - Fm is on your extended Network
Chritina Milan
Michel Rogers -  Facebook Template
Salena Gomez - Facebook Layout
New Facebook Layout
Jenifer Body

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Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Increase Fans on Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is one of the best online platforms to expose your business or your self. Facebook has one excellent feature known as the fan page. This allows you to connect with the Facebook community without having to add them as friends on your Facebook account. This article has a look at a few ways you can boost your Facebook fan page count.

First off, you should add all your existing Facebook friends to your fan page. If they approve of your work then they will definitely hit the like button as it only takes a few seconds to do so anyways. Now let the viral marketing strategy begin. If you have developed an awesome Facebook supporters page then chances are, the friends of your friends are going to like it too. This will then continue until someone stops liking your page. This is the power of Facebook and there is no better social network which does better in viral marketing like Facebook does.

Second, link your Facebook fan page to all your other social media network accounts. For example, if you have a lot of followers on Twitter then you can easily lead them to your Facebook supporters page by either tweeting about it or adding it as your main URL in the account settings section. Another great way is to harness the power of YouTube. As you may already know, YouTube celebrities like Kevin Jumba and Ryan Higa only became what they are today because they produced high quality videos. If you are able to do the same (it is worth investing a few hundred dollars for a good video camera) and elicit a good response from the YouTube crowd then many of the views will convert to an increasing fan page count.

Thirdly, build a community within your Facebook supporters page. You can have a discussion board, a contest, or anything which involves the actual users. Starting a contest is a great marketing strategy if you are able to reward the winner with a decent prize. There is a good reason why there are so many fan pages with hundreds of thousands of members. They all started off with exciting contests which got the users going. For example, the Liverpool FC fan page had a signed t shirt contest for a certain designing contest. Some businesses like to use the friend referral model in order to gain more fans. For example, those who referred the most friends would get a certain prize every month. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4604454
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Origin and Growth of Facebook

The social networking website Facebook has become an integral part of most Internet users nowadays. It has got a massive user base of over 800 million users and is the second most popular site in the world after Google.

Facebook was first launched in February 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with the help of his college friends and fellow students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook initially launched a high school version of the network and in 2005, Facebook extended its membership eligibility to employees of some companies. Later, universities of other countries were added to the Facebook network. Finally, Facebook was extended to every person of age older than thirteen with a valid e-mail address.

When Facebook was first launched eight years ago, it only had a handful of basic features in the network. It was quite simple and plain looking compared to other social networks of that time such as MySpace and Friendster. Moreover, it was a closed social network only for certain educational institutions and companies which kept the user base quite low in the initial years compared to the top social networks of that time. However, many also argue that the simple looks and gradual approach was one of the main reasons for the massive success of the social network in today's date.

With time, several new features were added to Facebook thereby improving it even further. As of now, any person above 13 years of age can join the social network by filling up basic personal information such as name and email address. Users can also opt to update their education, relationship, hobbies, occupation and other details in their profile. They can interact with friends, join groups, add interesting apps and chat with friends on Facebook too.

Another popular feature in Facebook is the ability of Facebook users to upload photos. There is no limit to the number of photos a person can upload or store in his or her account. The process of uploading photos is quite simple too. They can create album and upload photos in them. Then the album is put into their profile. These can be seen by other friends who can comment on them by using the comment form. These photos and messages can also be shared and spread by using share link. Other Facebook users can also recommend the photo or post by clicking on the like button.

The popularity of Facebook has been increasing day by day. Facebook users in 2011 had increased up to 43% when compared with the previous year. Nowadays, all top companies and websites also have their own fan pages on Facebook. Many of them interact with customers and even provide support though their official pages. There are over 800 million Facebook users in the world and the number of users is only increasing with time. United States has the highest number of registered users followed by India and Indonesia. It is predicted that more than half of the world's Internet population would use Facebook in the coming years. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6849907

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips

Finding the perfect place for showcasing products, services and websites for free is every business-minded netizen's dream. Thankfully, Facebook has made this "dream" a reality. With over half a billion users and thousands of fan pages and online communities to check out, the popular social media platform has brought potential clients closer to home.

It's no longer a secret how Facebook is crucial in online marketing. Nonetheless, many people believe that a single register is enough. For marketers, this is not enough. There is so much more to Facebook marketing than just putting up your profile. Keeping your fans involved is the ultimate key. In this article are six powerful Facebook marketing tips to help you find your way to success!

1. Create your Facebook profile. Start establishing your identity by creating a Facebook profile for yourself and your business. Having a Facebook profile as your way of positioning a business will take you a long way in establishing relationships with users. In creating your profile, don't forget to put in your profile picture, photo albums and videos, wall and "add friends" button.

2. Create a fan page for your business. Facebook pages, also referred to as "fan pages", are typically designed for brands, products, services, celebrities, musicians and businesses. The fan page feature enables organizations, public figures and other entities to generate public presence in Facebook. You can encourage potentials to become fans of your business page by sharing any significant information with them via uploading photos and videos worth a million shares, administering discussion posts and displaying status updates or wall posts.

3. Use the Facebook Events feature. The latter helps you connect with your target clients by sending them invites to your events, even if some of them aren't included in your list of friends or fans. Facebook gives users an opportunity to create their own events that can be either public or private.

4. Participate in other Facebook pages. Take a research on other fan pages related to your business. Use the website's "search" tool so you can actively start posting comments on their updates. This is also a way for you to build a connection with the industry.

5. Tag your fans via photos. You can tag your fans in photos with your new collections or convince them to tag themselves as a part of your promo. In 2009, Grammy-winning musician Lenny Kravitz uploaded over a hundred photos of his Italian tour and asked his then two million fans to tag themselves. This resulted to good publicity as many of his Kravitz' updates on being tagged appeared on the fans' wall.

6. Generate Facebook Plug-ins to your page. The "Like" button enables users to share anything from your page to their profile. The "Recommendation" button meanwhile gives them the option of personalizing suggestions for other fan pages they like. These two are just among the few plug-ins you need to generate. Other buttons that can be essential in Facebook marketing are LiveStream, LikeBox and comments.

Are you looking for more information regarding Facebook marketing? Visit http://jackweinzierl.com today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lindsey_Jenkins
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6853485
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Facebook, Google+, Twitter, SEO, SEM - What You Think?

Google Plus
Google Plus


Google Plus vs Facebook

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Do You Have a Facebook?

The perfect answer to this question is . . . .????
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Facebook Likes

What you understand with Facebook Likes?

Here are some answers from guests who engaged in online social media optimization.

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