Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cool Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook has emerged as the coolest social networking website. People from all across the world make use of it to find their lost friends, check out others' profiles, attract others and chat with friends. The new timeline feature is one of the most remarkable features of this website. Its most amazing part is the cover photos or the Facebook banner.

The cover is placed at the top of your timeline and allows you to express yourself creatively. You can set a personalized photo here and attract others through the attraction of the photo itself. Selecting cool Facebook cover photos is the best way to perk up the beauty of your profile and express your personality. By choosing the right photo you can tell others about your hobbies, likes, dislikes and much more about yourself. This is why you should spend enough time picking out the best photo for your cover.

As the cover photo is a large banner, people notice it instantly. They will make their opinions about you just by looking at your cover photo. Other than individuals, businesses can also use this feature to market their services and products in an effective manner. This feature is simple to use. You can upload the banner by following some simple steps. If you find it hard to choose cool Facebook cover photos on your own you can explore the internet.

There are a number of websites that offer photos for your banner. As the timeline feature does not allow you to resize or crop images, you should select photos that are of the right size or you can find readymade Facebook covers. You will be able to explore a number of options that are suitable for different moods, seasons and other themes. In case you want to use your Facebook account for your business, you can also incorporate your business logo in the cover. It will help your profile to look like an official website. This way you can shoot up your business' exposure and market.

Remember that using cool Facebook cover photos are the key to make the best of this great feature. You can easily change, edit or delete your covers, which mean that you can upload new photos anytime you want. As there are a number of websites that offers cool Facebook cover photos, you need not worry. Most of these pictures are free to download, but if you want a customized photo for your business, you can also hire a designer.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best FB Satus Updates - How to Strive more fans to your page?

Everyone who uses Facebook as a part of their online marketing strategy wants to know the secret behind getting more engagement from their fans. The more interaction you have through social media, the better it is for your business. You will get more customers, more fans and more sales and positive reviews.

If you have been having little success with Facebook, it is time to revamp your techniques. If you want to boost fan engagement and earn more fans for your business, here are four ways to make that happen:

Visual Posts See the Most Action

With Facebook posts, the ones that capture the attention first see the most interaction. That includes both videos and photos. These types of visually stimulating posts can have five times the engagement rates than plain text status updates.

A photo or video will not take your fans off of Facebook so they are more likely to click to watch your video or leave a comment.

Ask Engaging Questions

People love to give their opinion and the fastest way that you can get it is to ask a them. You have to do a little experimenting to see what types of questions will work the best and what doesn't do you any real good.

Your status update is not the place to indulge in a lengthy philosophical debate. Fans want to get in, answer and get out. Only a select few will hover around your post to see if anyone responds to their comments. You can even choose to use the Facebook Question app to send out a quick poll to your fans.

Invite Fans to Share

Fans want to know that you take an interest in them. Invite them to share links in the comment section. This can help them drive more traffic to their websites and introduce fans to more sites. They can share photos, fan pages, Twitter handles, blog posts, etc.

Let fans know up front what is acceptable and what is off limits on your page. Letting your fans share with you and fellow fans will help create a stronger bond throughout your social media community.

Include a Clear Call to Action

If you want your fans to take a specific action, you need to tell them. Whether it's to like your post, subscribe to your newsletter or buy your book, let them know. Then, you need to make sure you give them an easy way to follow through on that call to action. If they have to visit another site to complete the action, include a link to it in your post. You can also install a Facebook app that makes it simple for them to sign up for your newsletter right from your fan page.

Facebook is a fast-paced social network where you have to act quickly to get the engagement of your fans. You need to have good, solid status updates if you want to get more interaction with your community.

You want your page to be the place people go for more information about your topic, and from their your website. In order to make that happen, you need to provide real value, keep them entertained and solve problems.

What have you done to generate more fan engagement on your Facebook page? Do your fans like to get involved and take part in your online community? Share with us!

Dawn Pigoni of Be Social Worldwide is a certified social marketing specialist and a social media virtual assistant. Dawn offers superb social networking, social marketing and social bookmarking to WAHMs, Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Coaches who desire to bring stunning internet presence through social networking to their businesses. Get Dawn's free report, Social Networking today & see how she can assist you with being Social Worldwide!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Facebook Covers - Great Ideas and Designs for Personalized Profile

One of the new features with Facebook Timeline is the new Facebook covers. You can use one of your photos as your cover, but it makes a lot more sense to install a customized cover to your Facebook page! It will certainly be interesting to see how people customize their pages with all of the new features, but you'll want to make sure you have a great looking cover when people visit your Facebook profile.

Here are some great ideas for designs you can post for your timeline.

Seasonal Covers

Christmas is the most famous season of them all, but you can get covers for your profile that will work for any time of year. When the New Year is here, you can get covers for the New Year. Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians, and Easter designs are a nice way to evangelize your faith without getting in anyone's face about it. During the summer, you can use patriotic designs for Memorial Day and Independence Day. For those people that love the summer, you could display a cover of the beach on your Facebook profile. There are designs for virtually every season of the year.

Christian Facebook Covers
Is your faith important to you? You could browse Christian covers with a Scripture reference. Facebook covers with a photo of Jesus are always nice, and there are even covers for Catholic Christians as well as Protestant believers. For the Christmas holiday, you could even browse Christmas designs with Scripture references. Christian profile covers are definitely going to be popular among the Christian community.

Special Interest Covers

Do you love hunting and fishing? I'm sure you can find designs for people who love to hunt and fish. Do you love Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber is one of the most popular musicians today, so I'm sure you'll find photography for Justin Bieber. If you are a big NASCAR fan or have a favorite driver, you might want to see Tony Stewart or Dale Earnhardt Jr. on your Facebook profile page.

Most people like cats and dogs. If you want to advertise your love for animals, then maybe you should have a cover with photos of dogs! Almost everyone can relate to food! Facebook covers with food always work well together.

Special Causes

If you are passionate about politics, then the format is a great opportunity to promote the causes which are important to you. You might have a church event coming up that you want to promote. Temporary covers would work great for your profile.

These are just a few of the ideas of designs you could upload on your profile today! At the time of this writing, business Facebook pages don't have covers, but it is likely that businesses will be able to have their own Facebook covers in the near future. Don't be the last one to upload covers to your profile!

Get Facebook covers for all of your interests!

See where you can download Facebook designs for your profile!

Some Images from the Web:

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Buying Facebook Likes? - A Guide

Facebook has been a website that has utterly changed and reshaped the landscape and background of social networking and internet utilization as we know it today. Through this revolutionary change, there have been more and more businesses that have turned to Facebook for marketing purposes as well as a solid foundation of providing increased consumer bases too. Therefore, any business in this realm of business should buy Facebook likes for marketing success when using the site.

Nowadays, numerous companies of all types demand to to have Facebook fan pages, where customers or potential customers can connect with them and become a part of their online community. Successful marketing can occur on Facebook when one creates a public profile page, a specific and attractive one as possible which must include information about business and the varieties and types of products and services that are being offered.

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People must be lured to your fan page and when gathering a huge number of fans or friends, the number of likes increases too, so a kind of hype aura lingers on the page. If a business profile pages has an unbelievable high number of likes it is most likely that it can be favoured by Facebook itself. The profile pages that have the largest number of likes and friends base are frequently recognized as being the most legitimate, successful and trustful from many points of view.

Generally speaking, Facebook users click like to show interest, appreciation, appraisal or reverence for a certain subject, post, various. If this manoeuvre takes place, others users will click like by default.

Facebook fans are prospective clients for an ongoing business. All of the likes that are added to ones page are real, active Facebook users but not bots or spam users.

When the profile page is capable of attracting more publicity through Facebook, the website itself will frequently get more hits and the traffic will go sky high. The more a website has traffic and is visited by consumers, the greater the sales numbers have a propensity to increase which makes overall for an incredibly popular sales tool across the internet. A company that is capable to buy Facebook likes is also in turn increasing its popularity, viability and validity of the business.

SEO marketing is an extremely competitive business due to the fact that everyone wants to be the first on top. To make this happen it is not too difficult as long as you are willing to Buy Facebook Likes.

If you want your business to guarantee you a following you must Buy Facebook Likes and build up a fan base. This fact is because this site being so vast, it is very difficult to make your page standout from others, so when likes are bought this will definitely allow for a given number of likes. The more fans, the more comments and this in turn means more clicks that will be received on the profile page. Friends of fans are also important because if people are interested in a certain product there are chances that these users may have friends interested in the same products.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post Funny Facebook Status and Quotes

Two years ago, the Facebook status was nothing more than a novelty on a growing social network called Facebook. Now, the importance of having a funny Facebook status is such that large companies are employing people with marketing savvy and expertise to write their promotional messages and paste them into their Facebook status updates. How did this come about?

Writingbest facebook statuses and quotes for facebook status is a relatively old game. You may imperatively deem it crucial to tell all your close and dear friends about just how the hangover from last night’s party is progressing. Or, if your spirit still allows, you may decide to give them a few more minor hints about what you contemplate for the dinner tonight. But, should you utterly be bored with your drabbing old statuses on Facebook, some fresh best facebook statuses and quotes for facebook status can offer a way to re-inspire yourself.

The Facebook status - some history

Facebook used to serve the purpose of a social network between University students. Famously, Harvard University was the first to have access to the network, and it soon grew to encompass all of the major campuses in the USA and globally. One of the novelties of each person's Facebook profile page was their 'status message'. Its format was simple:

Danny is XXXXX

Where 'XXXXX' means exactly what that user decided to say about themselves.
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All of the Facebook statuses were therefore in the third person, and they produced a quite boring range of response. 'Danny is eating pizza'. 'Danny is watching a movie'. This formatting gave users a dilemma. It was not flexible enough for them to enter the types of information which they wanted to share with their colleagues and friends, and so usage of this function was relatively low.

At the same time as Facebook received a global rise to prominence, another social network was becoming more and more popular. Twitter billed itself as a 'micro-blogging' platform, and was in effect a company built around a similar form of status updates. The difference, however, was flexibility. Twitter users were not forced to use the third-person to describe their thoughts or feelings, in fact they just had an empty box in which they could write whatever they desired.

The concept was simple, but the service exploded in popularity. Twitter suddenly had the world talking, and the Facebook status appeared to be dying away.

By this time, Facebook had become the world's largest social network. They could not help but notice Twitter's rise in terms of global branding, and they needed to adapt. This happened with a clear move by the developers to strike at the core market of Twitter. Facebook redesigned their 'home feed' page - the page that users see when they log in - and included a huge amount of prominence to status updates. Also, they had removed the need for users to use their own name in their updates, and thus removed the 'third person' restriction.

The results were staggering. Facebook's page views experienced an increase such that Twitter had experienced just months before. Users were becoming interested in what people were doing 'real time' - users noticed that Facebook had also put more of an emphasis on posting its users' statuses as fast as possible into their friends' home feeds, meaning a comment which they made could be discussed almost instantly, a la Twitter.

The other prong to the Facebook attack was to add a 'like' button to all items on the Home Feed. This added the 'user vote' system, which meant that statuses which had more 'likes' were displayed on more users' pages. This again meant that the importance of having a funny or amusing Facebook status was paramount - if you could get users to click on that button you were confirming yourself as a trusted and influential user of the system, and for marketers, this is extremely important.

If you log in to Facebook today, you will notice that a far greater number of people are using status updates. There are newer functions coming out which will further enhance this system, such as 'fri
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